YRDA Cadets shine at TVKC season finale

November 5, 2018


This weekend would see the Trent Valley Kart Club Championship season conclude and as ever YRDA would have strong representation with Luke Watts and Vinnie Phillips racing in IAME Cadet and Ivan Lomliev in Junior X30!

Luke Watts on the podium!

For Luke, it was a brilliant weekend as he converted his 4th place on the grid to 3rd in the Final. Considering Luke’s height and how that is affecting his weight in the Cadet class it was a great achievement. PFI is a track made of long straights and hairpins so it is probably the worst track for him to race at but it presented a challenge and Luke got around those problems showing why he is one of the best in the country!


Vinnie Phillips charges through the field 

It was a great start to the weekend for Vinnie with 8th in Timed Qualifying but his weekend took a turn for the worst after he was unable to start the first heat. A disaster that meant even if he won the second heat he’d still be in a tough position for the Final. However, that second heat would see Vinnie finish in 4th place putting him 17th on the grid for the Final.

After staying out of trouble at the start Vinnie was able to climb his way up the order making 12 places in just 11 laps to finish in 6th. What was even more impressive was Vinnie’s pace which made him the third quickest driver only proving what could have been.


Ivan Lomliev up to Junior X30! 

The weekend would prove to be a big step for Ivan as he took the step up to Junior X30. Ina grid of 44 drivers he got the weekend off to a hugely positive start finishing qualifying in 12th place. Things continued to improve in heat one with Ivan moving up to 5th place being unsurprisingly one of the quickest drivers on track!

However, heat two would see a complete change in fortunes with Ivan getting caught up in a mid-race incident which saw him drop down to 24th. He would eventually go on to finish 18th but it would still affect his grid position for the final.

But things would go from bad to worse in the Final with more incidents followed by a penalty seeing Ivan finish right at the back of the field. Results wise the weekend would turn out to be a disaster, but pace wise it was very positive!