Top tips from the YRDA

February 3, 2021

Over the last few weeks on our social media channels we have been giving out some advice to all you drivers to use during this isolation period. Keeping yourself in good shape in all aspects has become more important than ever with a busy season ahead for us all when racing resumes. As well as this we are having to use technology to try and keep our form up and with not much to talk about when it comes to our careers, social media has become more challenging than however.

With all three still extremely important we have pulled in our staff who work with all of our athletes in these areas to give you some advice to help you through this challenging time. Over to Steve Hutchinson, Chris Ray and Chris McCarthy!

Driver Training - Steve Hutchinson, Director

"At the moment all of you are currently on your sims at home racing (crashing) against each other online, but what you could also do is practice on the less glamorous tracks in Britain. We have some of the most difficult and demanding tracks in the world and learning your craft around them will give you extra skill sets needed to master some of these circuits."

Top Tip ❗️ "Tracks like Oulton Park, Cadwell, Brands GP, Knockhill and Snetterton will test you and to go one further, try setting your cars up with a loose rear setting. Equivalent to worn rears but reasonably good front tyres with a track time of around five seconds a lap slower like Snetterton for example, which has less time differential than the shorter circuits."

"These circuits may not have the glamour of Monza, but will test your technical ability and also keep your mind sharp and focused on new challenges."

Fitness - Chris Ray, TBOS Performance Director:

"This time is a great opportunity to work on your home-based fitness plan. To keep your motivation high, set weekly training targets that are aspirational and achievable. Your training will also help with your school work. It is proven that after training sessions people are happier, more focused and better at problem-solving.

Therefore a Top Tip ❗️- on the last day of each week put together a plan for the following week. This should be a schedule for; school work, fitness workouts, social media input and time to relax. You are creating your structured weekly routine."

Social Media & Marketing - Chris McCarthy, YRDA Social Media

“For most of us this it will feel like we have literally nothing to talk about on social media when it comes to our racing careers. Except for those regular Esports racers and those who have had a chance to dip their toe in the water, but for everyone else what can we talk about apart from the updates on how our fitness and studies are going?”

“You may think isolation presents a huge challenge when keeping your profile growing but it is actually a great opportunity. We are usually so caught up in our seasons that we don’t have any chances to look back on fond memories and share who we are as a person off the track. All of us have gone on a journey to get to where we are and this is now your chance to share that with people."

Top Tip ❗️ “My advice to everyone is to go back and dig out those great onboard videos and images that you never got a chance to post. Maybe attempt to put a couple of montages together of some of your highlights, you never know who it may get seen or shared by.”

We have a large team full of trained experts here at YRDA in all areas. To get join our tailored programme head to our contact page to get in touch and join the #YRDArmy

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