Tom Ikin completes second British F4 test at Anglesey

October 22, 2020

British F4

After a successful first test back in July at Bedford, Tom Ikin would head to Anglesey for a two day test for some extensive work in the British F4 car. With his eye on the championship for the future this was a chance for Tom to really get to work with the Arden Motorsport team and get more comfortable in the car. In this article Tom will take us on his two day journey and tell us all about the test and what the future holds.

Having done lots of work in the sim Tom arrived at Anglesey with more goals than his first test and also arrived to the track with a lot more confidence as he explains.

Tom Ikin: “I felt confident after completing plenty of sim work at Anglesey back on the sim with our YRDA coaches. I’d been occasionally doing Anglesey on the sim since I first joined YRDA back in 2019 so had a good idea of what to expect.”

With two days ahead, Tom would be able to spend some time finding his feet again before chasing any specific goals. These are difficult cars to drive and Tom was immediately put to the test in the opening session.

“It felt great to be back out in the car again. I’d missed the feeling after not being out for over a month due to the busy F4 calendar. The first run we went out on slicks, but it began to rain at the start so it was good to get experience in changeable conditions.”

Tom would not let those conditions affect him and if anything embraced them, but he was not just here to have fun and had set some goals with the engineers.

The main goals for the test were to just keep learning the car and to experiment with the car with lines etc. and then comparing to how other drivers have done it in the past to find the quickest way possible through the corners.”

Conditions would continue to be tricky for Tom which would put him through his paces in the wet for the first time. It was almost like doing his very first day all over again, but that did not stop him from making good progress!

I felt confident after day one after finishing with some good lap times considering it was my first time ever in the car in the wet. It was very enjoyable, but also good to get an idea of how the car handles during very wet and not so wet runs. We knew we had to transfer the good progress to day two which looked to be dry and we would for sure have a good day.”

Doing two days for the first time was another challenge for Tom, but over the last few months he has been able to work remotely with our performance director, Chris Ray and the results from this helped him rack up a huge number of laps!

“We did around 200 laps over the two days which the team were impressed with. This shows the efforts I’ve been putting in off track with the team at YRDA is for sure paying off. Arden are a very professional team who I very much enjoy working with. It’s a really good team environment and they also have that drive to win which I definitely share.”

As Tom came into the pits at the end of the final session on day two it was smiles all round with a very successful test completed. Both Tom and the team were pleased as he had not just reached the targets set, but exceeded them which was all proven in his lap times.

“I feel like I exceeded the targets set by the team, just like I did at Bedford. I was told I was setting laps at the end of day two on par with some of the fastest laps they had top drivers do on their first day in the dry at Anglesey, which was a big confidence boost. There were certain driving techniques I had got the hand of by the end of the two days which I and the team was happy with.”

For Tom, this is just the start of what could be a very exciting journey as he continues his sim and fitness work to get ready for his next test, which is coming up very soon.

“Overall the test was very constructive and a great base to continue building on. It was great to getting running time in most conditions which will help me prepare best for the future. We have more testing planned for the next weeks and months ahead at both Anglesey and various other British tracks too. We are looking forward for what’s to come.”