The American Dream Debut

May 16, 2022

It was the American Dream for Alex Quinn as he headed to the infamous Indianapolis Motor Speedway to make his US Debut.

The weekend started with Jagger Jones beating Quinn to pole on the circuit’s road course and spent most of the race battling with the Briton for the lead between the frequent pace car interruptions.

The first came on the opening lap as Nicky Hays lost his front wing on the rolling start, and Jones retained his lead while pre-race points leader Myles Rowe jumped from seventh to second and Simon Sikes went from eighth to fourth.

Rowe passed Jones on the restart lap, but a battle with Quinn then dropped him to third where he came under pressure from main title rival Michael d’Orlando who would make contact at turn four and send both off. The second caution period was called off the back of their incident, and for Sikes getting into trouble at turn eight, totally shaking up the order upfront.

Jones had got back ahead of Quinn, and Billy Frazer had risen from 10th to sit in third. Thomas Nepveu ran in fourth and created a tight lead quartet until he flew over the turn five/six kerbs and his DEForce Racing team-mate Bijoy Garg went off at turn one after picking up damage. To make matters worse for the team, its cameoing driver Chase Gardner had already pitted after he got into trouble and Dylan Christie in the fourth car wasn’t having much luck either.

Garg’s stationary car interrupted the lead battle as another caution period was required, and on the restart, Quinn fought past Jones for the lead while Christian Weir (from 14th on the grid) moved up to third.
There were more pitters as drivers behind picked up damage, but the race ran green through the remaining laps and Jones was sucked into a battle for second with Frazer that allowed Quinn to pull away for the victory.
This was only the story's start, as race two saw Quinn display an equally impressive performance. With another victory and going two for two after keeping his head and optimising on others' mistakes, Quinn showed his world-class skills and drove a superb race to the flag.

With one race to go, Quinn didn’t fancy losing his streak and went on to dominate the weekend taking victory in all three races after holding off some immense pressure from behind! 

The dream debut for Quinn and as the USF2000 season heats up, this certainly won't be the last time the YRDA Driver climbs to the top of the podium!