Rowan Campbell-Pilling becomes latest driver to join YRDA

February 26, 2020


As the season edges ever closer the #YRDArmy has grown in numbers once again with rising star, Rowan Campbell-Pilling joining forces with the team as he prepares for his first season in Junior X30. Having learnt his craft racing in the Daniel Ricciardo Series (formerly known as Easykart) Rowan has joined the KMS team to race in the LGM Series as he continues to work towards his long-term goal of single seater or GT racing.

Rowan started his Karting career back in 2016 racing in Easykart. It’s seen as a great starting point for many in the sport with all drivers having to use the same chassis and engines helping create a level playing field. Being a more laid back championship helps take pressure off the drivers and having Niki Richardson (the racer who famously beat Lewis Hamilton) on circuit completing track walks with the drivers, helps settle any nerves for drivers about to take to a circuit for the first time.

In 2019 the series was rebranded the Daniel Ricciardo Series (DRS) with the man himself making an appearance at round four, which was staged at Whilton Mill. Racing in the junior category (DRS100) Rowan found himself in a packed grid of 34 drivers throughout the season. Missing the first round put Rowan on the back foot and meant his dropped round at the end of the championship was now gone.

However, still early into his career this was a year of preparation for a bigger season in 2020. Throughout the year Rowan showed fantastic progress doubling his final score between rounds one and two with Rowan finishing an impressive 13th at Shenington where he was able to match the winner, Samuel Cunliffe, for pace in the final.

Round four and with Formula One driver, Daniel Ricciardo present, Rowan had arguably his most memorable performance of the season finishing 2nd in the Federation Cup. It was perhaps the race of the day with Rowan and Cody Eustice locking horns for the entirety of the race. After briefly losing touch with Cody mid-race Rowan did a great job to close the gap down and the pair put on a brilliant show for the hundreds tuned in live in a race that went to the final corner with Rowan just missing out on the line by 0.137 seconds.

It was a good experience for Rowan to be under the pressure of fighting for a race win. It would prove useful with Rowan getting his best result of the season at round seven with an 11th place in the final. Despite missing the first round Rowan would finish the championship 18th overall, a great result which would lead Rowan into a big year ahead in 2020.

Although Rowan will return to the DRS series in 2020 his main focus will be on Junior X30 racing with the KMS team. Rowan joins fellow YRDA members Luke Watts and Freddie Allum in the team and will compete in the hugely competitive LGM series along with regular trips to PFI.

Rowan has already began getting the five signatures needed to get off his novice plates in 2020 which included two trips to PFI in January and February for the first two rounds of the TVKC Winter Series. Rowan took the novice wins at both events putting him halfway to achieving his goal of winning the Novice Trophy when the series ends in April.

However, this is just the start of 2020 with Rowan hoping to take podium finishes in the DRS series and work his way to the front of the grid over the course of the LGM Series, which kicks off at Whilton Mill in April. After showing flashes of being able to race at the front in DRS during 2019, Rowan will begin his quest for silverware in the DRS series, which begins at the end of March at Clay Pigeon.

Now part of the #YRDArmy, Rowan has already begun training with our team and with the help of our in-house simulator facilities and training camps, has set his sights on a long-term goal of graduating to single seater or GT racing. Frederick Lubin became the latest kart driver in the programme to step up to British F4 this season and in the coming years Rowan is hoping to follow in his footsteps.

Rowan Campbell-Pilling: ‘I am very excited to be racing in two junior classes this year, the season has started really well with winning 1st place novice trophies at PFI in January and February.  I’m loving all of the training and sim work with YRDA and really do appreciate the help and support everyone is giving me.”

We are excited to be working with Rowan for the 2020 season and beyond. His two and four-wheel racing experience makes him a unique athlete and his approach to the sport and determination gives him every chance in achieving his goals. It’s set to be an exciting season for Rowan who will no doubt become a more recognisable face around the paddocks in the coming months.

You can follow Rowan’s progress on our website and social media channels and links to his website and social media pages can be found below.