Points in the principality - Quinn scores strong on the streets of Monaco 

May 25, 2021

Formula Regional European Championship by Apline

It was time for the World's most famous race weekend. the Monaco Grand Prix, and our very own #YRDArmy superstar Alex Quinn was ready to attack the infamous streets and further pursue his championship campaign. 

As for any driver its a dream come true to race on the streets of Monte Carlo and as the lights went green on practice the excitement levels were on overdrive and Alex was ready to explore the narrow streets for the first time. So many iconic moments such as Senna and Mansell, Post in the rain and the 2019 battle between Hamilton and Verstappen have brought the action in Monaco and now it was the turn of Alex Quinn. The first few laps immediately showed the promising pace needed to have a chance of conquering the mighty streets and Alex rounded out his first session in P2 and showed the first glimpse of what could happen on the royal streets. 

Due to the nature of Monaco the Qualifying sessions would be split in two groups with Alex in group 2. As qualifying got underway it was clear Quinn would be a threat for pole as he executed some of the most difficult corners in motorsport such as Massenet, the Nouvelle Chicane and La Rascasse. Alex was flirting with the limits of the circuit and posted the third fastest time in his group (and overall) in his Arden machine. This would mean once the results of groups one and two would be put side by side Quinn would line up in P6 and P5 in races one and two respectively. 

When it was time to go racing for race one in Monaco Quinn was ready to attack in his #RedArrow. Starting from P6 the aim was to try and progress forward however this was not going to be easy on the narrowest and hardest track to overtake on the calendar. Lights went out and the racing got underway, with Quinn tucked into 6th and ready to push hard. As the race progressed Quinn found himself on the back of the battle for 3rd running from P3 back to Alex in P6. This battle went on all race long with Quinn applying the pressure hard to former teammate Patrick Pasma. However both drivers drove a faultless race and Quinn would finish where he started in Monaco and claim strong points in P6. Alex wasn’t the only #RedArrow who scored well in race 1. Teammate William Alatalo crossed the line in P8 to claim more points for the Arden team in their constructors campaign.  

With one more race to go, Quinn had full focus on securing another strong result for the Arden team and his championship Campaign. As lights went out on race 2 the red flags soon came out as one of the Formula Regional by Alpine cars went up and over causing the race to come to a halt but Quinn held position from the start and would get underway in P5 at the restart. Much like race one the race was a procession but Monaco is never easy and to the benefit of Quinn championship rival Paul Aron came victim to the Monaco barriers and this promoted Quinn into P4 where he would finish. 

A strong weekend for Quinn and a weak one for his championship rivals has now seen the gap significantly reduce at the front of the championship and with a short turnaround before Paul Ricard next weekend Alex and the Arden team are ready to do battle once again and aim for the top step and the championship lead.