Meet the youngest YRDA member

May 2, 2022

At age 7, Samuel is the youngest member of Arden’s Young Racing Driver Academy, and despite his age, he has a whole bunch of potential already on display. 

With such a bright future ahead, our head of press Simon Stoneham Caught up with the youngster. 

1v How does it feel to be part of YRDA? 

Absolutely amazing! It's really exciting and lots of fun with great encouragement and advice. I cannot wait to get racing for Arden when I am older.
2) What is your first racing memory?

 Racing in the Honda Cadets and loving every second. Speed makes me so happy.
3) What are your ambitions and goals for the future?

 To be the best I can be and win some trophies at a high level, hopefully in F1 
4) 5 words to describe yourself? 

Energetic, sporty, fun, fast, and strong.
4 favorite tracks? 

Fulbeck, Rowrah, GYG, and Shenington
6) 3 favorite racing drivers? 

Lewis Hamilton , Max Verstappen, and Lando Norris
7) 2 things you want to achieve? 

To win Championships and be a very skilled racing driver.
8) Goal for this season? 

To complete the rounds and get a trophy.

Samual is certainly not your average 7 year old and all at the YRDA are so impressed by his attitude and skills. We look forward to seeing Samuel make some amazing progress.