Luke Watts up to 5th in Super One after third weekend

April 28, 2017


It was a great weekend for Luke at Super One with the Global Karting driver moving up to 5th in the championship in the IAME Cadet class. Unfortunately, in Honda Cadet Luke’s bad luck continued but he put in a particularly impressive performance in final two.

IAME Cadet

Similar to round one Luke was never off the pace when it came to IAME Cadet. In practice, he was right up at the sharp end and that was repeated in qualifying with 5th overall.

Now in a good position for the heats Luke was able to put in two very good results once again reflecting his pace. He was 4th in the first heat and finished 4th and Luke moved forward a further place in heat two finishing 3rd.

That put Luke on the inside of row two for the first final, which is arguably the best place to start at Rowrah with a tricky opening chicane.

The finals that followed proved to be much tougher races. The start of the opening final saw Luke drop down to 8th in the opening few laps with all drivers eager to get on the podium. Despite being 8th Luke was in a very fierce battle for the podium with the front two drivers stretching their lead.

When involved in a battle like that it can be tough to move forward and despite being muscled down to 12th Luke was able to recover to finish in 10th place. It was disappointing for him, but it was still good points on the board!

Final two was a good race for Luke although the end result didn’t quite reflect his performance. Despite a tough field Luke drover very methodically in slowly working his way through the order which included seeded drivers! Luke had reached 5th with one lap to go but a harsh move saw Luke pushed back to 8th place when 4th was on the cards!

It was a shame considering how good Luke had driven, but it’s just part of racing at times and Luke still left the weekend with the 4th highest points and moves up to 5th in the championship!

Honda Cadet

It was a brilliant start to proceedings for Luke in Honda Cadet, he had just gone quickest of anyone in the last practice session before qualifying but his luck was unfortunately about to dramatically change.

After just one lap of qualifying Luke hit a mechanical problem which would see him go no further in the session and considering his pace in practice it was extremely disappointing! As well as that he now had a lot of work to do in the heats.

Luke was able to show off his overtaking capabilities in the opening heat as he charged through from dead last to finish 9th gaining 19 places in the process! It was an awesome drive and was just what he needed to get some valuable points.

Heat two didn’t quite so well, Luke had come through to 16th but received a front fairing penalty which dropped him to 23rd.

Thankfully for Luke his work in the first heat was more than enough to see him through to the main finals and he would line up 22nd on the grid for final one.

But yet again Luke’s luck was about to turn sour and he was involved in a first lap pile up which saw him fall some distance behind the pack. To add insult to injury he would have a front fairing penalty and at the end of a painful race he was classified 28th.

However, despite all the problems there was still a chance for Luke to end his weekend on a high in final two. It had been a frustrating weekend for Luke in the class but after all of the problems he was able to put in a stunning drive in final two making a total 17 places in the 14 laps to finish an impressive 12th place and salvage some valuable points.

In Honda Cadet with two rounds full of bad luck Luke is currently 20th in the championship, but can drop these two rounds. If he can now go the rest of the season with no bad luck there’s a good chance he can get that top ten position he is chasing!