Luke Watts crowned first Ultimate Karting Champion

November 12, 2020


With the final round of the Ultimate Karting Championship (UKC) cancelled it was officially confirmed yesterday that Luke Watts was the inaugural Junior X30 UKC Champion! With a 29 point advantage in the championship the title was all but sealed for Luke, but with the championship forced to cancel its final round he can now call himself the official champion. It is Luke’s first national title win and rounds off a fantastic debut season in Junior X30.

The UKC was a new series that launched this year which would run a classic heats and final format and brought big prizes as well as televised races. Luke was one of 24 drivers to be on the Junior grid at Rowrah for the opening round for what was no doubt going to be a competitive season.

Similar to the British Kart Championships Luke had set his goals very high for the series and got off to a quick start. Luke backed up his goals with some substance at the opener with a win in both the Pre Final and Final to get an almost perfect score. It put Luke in the driving seat for the rest of the campaign and almost made it his title to lose! 

Putting himself on the front row for the final at round two saw him extend his lead further in the title race meaning his 7th in the final at Whilton Mill was merely damage limitation. It left Luke in a strong position at the halfway stage of the season, but the job was far from done and Luke would need a podium result at Three Sisters. 

The heat races at the next round saw Luke back to his usual form with a 1st and 2nd helping him qualify on the front row for the Pre-Final. With Luke going on to win that race he had already brought in a huge haul of points and now had no pressure on his shoulders going into the final.

The final turned in to what could be labelled the race of the season with a nine kart battle all the way to the flag! Finding himself in 2nd in the latter stages of the race, Luke was stuck in a queue which he couldn’t quite jump forcing him to settle for 2nd and take the points.

Although not first across the line in the final Luke would score the most points at round three giving him a 29 kart gap after dropped scores over Sam Shaw. The win was a result of huge consistency in the heats and finals across all three rounds and leaves Luke the deserved champion.

With a title now under his belt, Luke will have is eye on the British Kart Championship next year and will be hoping to make a return to the IAME International Final should the pandemic ease up in time. 

With the possibility that the season is now over this would be a fantastic result for Luke to take into the winter break before returning for pre-season preparation early next year.

Vinnie Phillips crowned Vice-Champion 

If winning the British Kart Championships wasn’t enough for young Vinnie Phillips to be smiling about finishing the Ultimate Karting Championship in 2nd place certainly did.

It’s been a great year of racing for the 2020 superstar in Vinnie Phillips and after a strong season in UKC the results once again reflected his remarkable talent finishing second in a highly competitive field.

The peak of the UKC season for Phillips came at Three sisters where Vinnie put all his talent on the line and stormed to a stellar victory asserting his championship hunt.

However due the second national lockdown his hunt would be cut short, but regardless of this Vinnie Phillips still rose to the occasion and stands on another championship podium in 2020.

Freddie Allum in top ten of Mini X30

It was a strong season for Freddie who had just jumped out of IAME Cadet. After starting the season with an 11th place finish at Rowrah, he would finish in the top ten at both Whilton Mill and Three Sisters with an 8th place at the latter. It left Freddie in a fight for 7th in the championship, but having ended his time in the Mini X30 class at the Autumn Cup the early end to the season will not come as bad news to him.

Ikin shows form finishing 7th 

Tom Ikin also had a great year of racing in the 2020 UKC Championship in the Senior Rotax class. Strong races alongside plenty of strong impressive results put the #YRDArmy member in a great position in the season's action packed races. Now the curtain on the UKC championship has been drawn Ikin ended an impressive 7th place in the standings and now can fully turn his attention to 2021 which looks to be a season filled with excitement for the young Brit.