Luke Watts back on the UKC Podium

August 25, 2021


It was another fantastic weekend of racing for the 2021 Kartmasters GP champion who returned to the Senior X30 class in 2020 to challenge the nation's best as he continues to push hard for glory once again in the championship. Heading into the third round of the championship, and only a handful of points away from the lead, everything is still to play for and Luke was looking to make some big inroads on his competition ahead. 

The weekend got off to a great start for the KMS and #YRDArmy member as he pushed hard in practice to fine tune his machinery ahead of the first heat. With random grids to decide the starting positions for the heats, Luke would start his first from the second row in 4th. After a mediocre start to the heat Luke slipped back a position to 5th, but soon got his head down applying the pressure to the top four and soon stealing back 4th place before keeping it consistent and holding position to the flag. 

Heat two would see a 10th place start for Luke, however the racing gods were not on his side as an incident resulted in a lap one retirement and an early exit from the race. Not the ideal result and one which would put Luke on the back foot heading into his final heats and Pre Final. 

The final heat would see Luke launch from 5th and soon charge through to the lead on lap two before the battles began and Luke was forced back to 4th where he would take the flag. The cumulative results of these heats now put Luke into sixth overall and with lots of work to do the pre-final was the perfect opportunity to charge through and optimise his grid for the final. 

This was exactly what Luke did and after starting sixth he pushed through the pack each and every lap before he was soon running with the leader heading into the final laps. A strong decisive move would then see Luke make a challenge for the lead with two laps to go and from there the GP champion never looked back taking the victory and pole position for the final to come. 

The final was a highly intense race and after an unfortunate start, Luke found himself in third after the first lap. However, his pace from the first heat was evident as he soon put pressure on second before making the move and then setting his eyes on Pritchard-Williams in the lead. Sadly time was not Luke’s friend and before the opportunity arose the flag would fall and Luke would claim 2nd. 

A fantastic podium to round out a weekend that at times looked gloomy. With Luke beating his rivals. The championship has been flung wide open and with two rounds to go, who knows what’s going to happen. One thing however is for certain, Luke Watts is one to watch.