Josh Sherriff joins Young Racing Driver Academy

March 11, 2017


Rising star, Josh Sherriff was recently approached by the Young Racing Driver Academy (YRDA) whilst racing at Shenington, his local kart club. He had been noticed by one of the staff on the programme who could see a talent in Josh and wanted to invite him to try out for the programme.

The YRDA programme has strong links to the Arden Motorsport team, which was founded by Red Bull F1 Team Boss, Christian Horner, back in 1997. It has been setup to recognise talented junior drivers and help turn them into successful racing drivers.

With that in mind the porgramme is selective so Josh was invited to the team’s HQ in Banbury Oxfordshire, for an interview and simulator assessment. Passing both with flying colours Josh was invited to join the programme becoming one of the very few drivers in the Junior TKM class to ever have the privilege of doing so.

He has already taken part in a YRDA human performance assessment at St George's Park, where the England Football Team train, and performed well in his first simulator sessions. Josh has been karting since his 13th birthday, when he visited an indoor kart track. He quickly progressed to compete in the super competitive Junior TKM class at the highest level albeit, on a limited budget. Josh is staying in karting for 2017, but is working towards a GT test programme and looking to build partnerships to support his transition into GT racing in 2018.

It’s rare someone of Josh’s age is so forward thinking and determined to know where he wants to go, but it was exactly that kind of attitude that has landed him this fantastic support.

On the announcement Josh commented: “Being selected to join the Young Racing Driver Academy is a massive boost for me. I'm really excited to be part of the programme. The YRDA team's support and knowledge is invaluable and I'm meeting some great people.”

Olli went out for his fourth run of the afternoon and had gone another second and a half quicker with the track continuing to dry. Just as he had gone green to put himself in 3rd place Olli was now pushing for a top two spot and in the process had an off at Paddock Hill bend.

The incident had caused some damage to the front end of the car and despite’s the teams best efforts they were not able to get Olli out for another proper stint. During this time the track had gone even quicker which dropped Olli from 3rd to 12th, which on paper is unfortunate but Olli was still very happy with day.

After testing had finished he commented “The morning was really good in the wet conditions, with us being consistently in the top 5. Our first session after lunch put us 3rd overall but I went off towards the end of the run and there was some damage to the car which meant that while everyone was on track with new tyres we were stuck in the garage. Then when I could finally go on track it rained again. However, I am still really happy with how performed I showed in tricky conditions I can be almost as quick as anyone out there!”

In terms of the end result it was similar luck to Olli’s last Brands test, however lots of positives to take away from the day and with an Arden car topping the times at the end of the day, the team looks in good shape for the season!