Jodie Fieldhouse returns to racing at Knockhill

July 10, 2018

Hel Performance Motostar British Championship

After what had seemed an age since her last race Jodie returned to action in the Hel Performance Motostar British Championship at Knockhill. Coming off the back of a positive test at Rockingham Jodie came into the event confident despite having to learn a new circuit. 

Jodie did a fantastic job at adapting to the circuit throughout practice and finished the second session in an impressive 14th place. Qualifying saw Jodie quickly put in her best time of the weekend and all seemed to be going smoothly until the red flags came out. This left Jodie with just ten minutes to go to try and find some more time and pushing hard in the early laps unfortunately Jodie dropped the bike at the hairpin leaving her out of the session. However, it was not all bad news as she still qualified 13th overall, her best performance of the season to date! 

The first race saw nerves get the slight better of Jodie, particularly off the start, where she dropped places immediately leaving her to get further delayed in a first corner incident. It was a shame after such a brilliant qualifying, but Jodie still found herself battling for 15th the entire race. Sitting in 16th Jodie tried for a move on 15th on several occasions but the risk was not worth the reward and she settled to take 16th place setting some impressive lap times.

Race two certainly threw up a mixture of emotions for Jodie. A bad start to the race saw her drop back to 19th place after having to avoid a slow starter off the line as well as some first corner melees. After making some places Jodie was back to where she wanted to be and in the fight to make some more positions. Rising on the edge unfortunately saw another mistake come, this time at the chicane. It was not a race ending one, but results wise Jodie now just had her lap times to focus on which she did fantastically setting her fastest lap of the weekend!

Overall it was not the weekend it could have been given her pace in practice and qualifying, but as Jodie becomes more comfortable in the class those results should reflect the pace she has.


LGM Series Round 5 Results:


Vinnie Phillips - 11th 

Luke Watts - 23rd

X30 Mini

Ivan Lomliev -  6th

Tough weekend for the #YRDA boys, but damage limitation completed in some cases. Bring on Round six in two weeks!