A Look Behind the Visor - Aaron Mensah

August 20, 2021


On track it’s just a helmet suit and vehicle but off track there is so much more than that. Recently the #YRDArmy media team caught up with new recruit Aaron Mensah and sat down and got to know the new kid on the block. 

How does it feel having become a member of Arden's Young Racing Driver Academy?

"It feels amazing, because now I am getting the support I need to improve as a driver and develop. I am also delighted that there is a really nice atmosphere at Arden and everyone is friendly so it feels great to be a part of it."

Looking back over your career, what would you say is your first racing memory?

"My first memory in racing was at Buckmore Park in 2015, and ever since then motorsport has become my number one activity. I suddenly loved everything about racing: the smell of the engines, the speed, the wet weather. It was a great first experience for me."

Looking ahead to the future, what do you think it holds for yourself in and out of the driving seat?

"My main ambition is to become a professional racing driver and hopefully get into Formula 1 (which has been the goal since I was 6 years old). Also I wouldn't mind becoming an Athlete and compete in the Olympic Games and represent Team GB as I am currently in the UK’s top 25 100m sprinters."

What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

“I would like to say I would describe myself as;  Persistent, dedicated, focused, helpful and sporty. I believe that these attributes are all essential to making it big in sport and especially in motorsport.”

Out of the tracks at which you have competed at, which of these would you describe as your top 4?

“I really like racing at Whilton Mill, Clay Pigeon, Rissington and Shennington. I have gone particularly well at these tracks in the past and I am looking forward to hopefully collecting some silverware at these tracks in the near future.”

Looking at the motorsport greats, who would you say are your top 3 racing drivers?

“There are so many legends of the sport and it's almost impossible to choose three but if I had to pick they would be, Hamilton, Senna and Schumacher.”

Looking at your career and what you would like to achieve in the near future, what are two main goals you are fighting for?

"I would love to gain sponsorship to help fund my motorsport career. This would really help me and possibly get me through the formulas and hopefully get to F1. Also I would like to get into Formula 4 and win a championship there and then move up into the higher racing categories."

And focusing on now, what is your main objective for 2021 when behind the wheel?

"My goal for this season is to keep improving and progressing as a driver. This would be great so that I can become a well rounded racing driver. Also I would like  to get a top 5 finish at the end of the season."