Vinnie Phillips

Vinnie Phillips is competing with Fusion Motorsport in the 2019 British IAME Cadet Super One British Karting Championship and LGM Series

Date of Birth: 8 March 2009

Age: 10

Nationality: British

Career Highlights

2019 British Kart Championships IAME Cadet - 7th

2019 LGM Series IAME Cadet - 8th

2019 British Kart Grand Prix IAME Cadet - 6th

2018 Super One British Cadet Championships - 7th

2018 LGM Series - 8th

2017 SKUSA SuperNationals XXI Micro Swift Champion

2017 Super One IAME Cadet British Karting Championship

2017 LGM National IAME Cadet Championship