Nicholas Moreira

Nicholas is a new driver to the YRDA for 2021 and we are very excited to begin working with a driver who is still fresh into his Karting career.

Driver Profile

Date of birth: 8th November 2009

Age: 11

Nationality: British

Career Highlights

Began driving go karts aged 4,

Raced on the Daytona bambinos track aged 5,

Moved up to cadets aged 7.

Competed in The 2019 cadets Inkart championship aged 10,

Came 2nd in round 6 of the championship,

Came 22nd out of 38 in the championship.

Competed in the 2020 cadets Inkart championship aged 11,

Came 1st in round 4 of the championship,

Came 3rd in rounds 5 and 8 of the championship,

Made 2 appearances in the Junior Inkart championship,

Came 8th out of 38 in the championship.