Kian Bennett

Kian Bennett is a young up and coming Junior TKM driver who will race in his first season of the British Championships in 2019

Date of Birth: 17 August 2003

Age: 16

Nationality: British

Career Highlights

2019 British Kart Championship Junior TKM - 26th

2018 Junior Sportsman Award for Hunts Kart Racing Club

2018 Vice Champion at Red Lodge

2018 Vice Champion at Ellough Park

2018 First test in British F4 at Anglesey

2016 Passed MSA ARKS test

2016 Honda Cadet Club 2000 Karting Championship - 9th (Out of 59)

2016 Raced at Ellough Park Raceway for the first time

2015 Honda Cadet Club 2000 Karting Championship - 13th (Out of 52)

2015 Youngstarz Karting Championship - 1st / Champion

2014 Youngstarz Karting Championship - 2nd / Vice-Champion

2013 First Corporate Karting Event