Jacob Ashcroft

Jacob is the 2021 UKC Champion in IAME Cadet and was the first recipient of the YRDA UKC Scholarship in 2021.

Driver Profile

Date of Birth: 21/06/2011

Age: 10

Nationality: British

Career Highlights

2022: Joined YRDA as winner of the 2021 YRDA UKC Scholarship

2021: UKC IAME Cadet Champion

2021: 8th in British Karting Championships

2021: 4th in 2021 IAME World Qualifier

2021: BKC Winter Cup Champion

2021: 11th in LGM series

2020: 3rd in Super One Mini ROK 

2020: MSUK MicroMax Champion

2020: RMCIT Mini Max Vice Champion

2020: BKC Winter Cup Champion